At the Table

Black and white Saddle stitch / print on demand
40 pp / Royal (154 x 234mm)
£8 (+£3 p+p)

Clare Charnley / Holly Corfield-Carr / Patrick Coyle / Kevin Logan / Laura Mahony / Matthew McQuillan 

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Sermon: “discourse, speech, talk”… “a stringing together of words”, related to Serere: “to join.”
“Food is basic to the mythology of most cultures […] thus the roots of art, storytelling and religion are linked to cooking.” Levi-Strauss.

at the table brings together works that draw from and extend a series of readings and performances given by the artists at an event of the same name at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre. These live works took place between the courses of a meal shared by artists and the attending audience around a table in the centre of the gallery. The book is both a document and extension of the event, continuing the live and time-based works onto the page.

Responding to the setting of the gallery within a converted 19th Century Parish Church, the works drew upon the interwoven histories of communal gathering, public speaking, reading and listening and played with the forms of lectures, sermons, speeches, demonstrations, presentations and recitals. The event and publication explored ways in which the echoes of the building’s previous function resonate through its current use as a place of display, exhibition and education, and invited artists and audience to consider modes of address and their relation to architectural and social context.

at the table event details

In direct relation to the architecture of the space, Clare Charnley’s work to pace interwove rhythms of walking, speaking and architecture with stories formed around pacing as a process of measuring, and Holly Corfield-Carr’s if these walls could talk drew upon the material limits of space, conversing about and converting the gallery walls.

These concerns chimed through Laura Mahony’s journey around the site during Mirabilis, in which she utilised various methods of communication invited the audience to respond physically. In The Endless Inedibility, Patrick Coyle gave a series of readings related to the ‘edibility’ of certain found and constructed objects, while Matthew McQuillan’s Flowers and Obstructions made use of props and projected images to highlight the affective quality of an object, delivered in the manner of an informal lecture.

at the table was supported by Arts Council England and 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.

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