COPY was established in 2010 in Yorkshire, UK, by Joanna Jowett and Charlotte Morgan.

We commission and publish new work by artists and writers working across broad visual, material, spatial, time-based, research-based or performative practices across a range of fields and disciplines. COPY publications often mark moments of experimentation for contributors who do not regularly create work for the page or for alternative modes of publishing.

Many COPY publications extend beyond the page to occupy different spaces and temporalities, playing with translations, transitions and slippages between content, context design and form and considering the spaces, materials and acts of writing and reading.

Our publications have often featured as part of wider projects involving live events, public programmes and residencies with partner venues. Since 2019 our activity has been focused around two main strands – an ongoing series of solo or duo commissions, creating books conceived as complete works, and Unfold, a series bringing together works by multiple contributors.

COPY publications are designed by Dust.

Contributors and Participant
  • Adam Young
  • Alain Ayers
  • Alex Sarkisian
  • Alice Bradshaw
  • Ami Clarke
  • AND Publishing
  • Aymee Smith
  • Barry Sykes
  • Ben Jeans Houghton
  • Bhavani Esapathi
  • Chloe Brown
  • Christine Arnold
  • Clare Charnley
  • Coracle Press
  • Daniel Fogarty
  • Dave Charlesworth
  • David Berridge
  • David Osbaldeston
  • David Steans
  • Elizabeth Hardwick
  • Elizabeth Holdsworth
  • Emma Cocker
  • Fabienne Audeoud
  • Fay Nicolson and Oliver Smith
  • Flatten the Mountain
  • Flora Robertson
  • Francis McKee
  • Holly Corfield-Carr
  • Huw Andrews
  • J. D. A Winslow
  • Jamie Crewe
  • Jennifer Hodgson
  • Jenny Richards
  • Kevin Logan
  • Kit Hammonds
  • Laura Davidson
  • Laura Mahony
  • Louisa Martin
  • Maru Rojas
  • Matthew McQuillan
  • Nathan Walker and Victoria Gray
  • Nick Thurston
  • Patrick Coyle
  • Paul Carr
  • Paul Wright
  • Rachel Lois Clapham
  • Rebecca England
  • Rebecca Weeks
  • Richard Taylor
  • Ruth Levene
  • Sam Curtis
  • Sarah Frydenlund
  • Simon Lewandowski
  • Tamarin Norwood
  • Terry Slater

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We are always happy to hear from potential readers, contributors or project partners. We produce publications on an annual basis by invitation. Any opportunities for contributors will be advertised on our website and social media.